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          Integrated Packaging Group800.465.9015
          • Skids & CratesCustom Pallet Manufacturing Services
          • Custom Poly BagsPrinted?Clear?Wicketed?Flat?Gussetted
          • Custom Poly BagsPrinted?Clear?Wicketed?Flat?Gussetted
          • Packaging ServicesTape And Pallet Wrap
          • Corrugated BoxesCustom Corrugation Services
          • Custom Poly BagsPrinted?Clear?Wicketed?Flat?Gussetted
          • Value Added ServicesCost-Efficient And Environmentally Supportive

          Providing All Your Packaging NeedsIntegrated Packaging Group Specializes in Custom Wooden Pallets & Poly Bag Manufacturing, Die Cutting & Packaging Services

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          Integrated Packaging Systems Inc.Integrated Packaging Systems Inc.
          A Division of Integrated Packaging Group
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          Belcorr Packaging Inc.Belcorr Packaging (2005) Inc.
          A Division of Integrated Packaging Group
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          Established in 1992 as a recycling and packaging company, Integrated Packaging Group (IPG) is
          a privately owned corporation, founded on the need to provide value-added service in the packaging
          industry. With IPG's commitment to always satisfying our customers' needs, we expanded our
          operations. In March 2013, IPG purchased Belcorr Packaging (2005) Inc. to further augment our product
          offerings. Due to this evolution, IPG now has two divisions, Belcorr Packaging (2005) Inc. (BPI)
          and Integrated Packaging Systems Inc. (IPS).

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